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Organizational Training

Employee engagement, attracting and retaining talent has become a priority for organization over the past few years – as veterans and baby boomers retire and Generation Y enters the workforce. With current and anticipated skill shortages, recruitment and retention will continue to be a priority for organizations.

What is Employee Engagement?

An engaged employee is someone who are committed, enthusiastic and inspired by his or her work and the organization they work for. In 2006, The Conference Board analyzed various studies that were conducted in the past four years by Gallup, Towers Perrin and others and identified 8 common key drivers:

  • Truth and integrity
  • Nature of the job
  • Line of sight between employee performance and company performance
  • Career growth opportunities
  • Pride about the company
  • Co-workers/team members
  • Employee development
  • Relationship with one’s manager

Reference: November 2006, John Gibbons, The Conference Board of New York, “Employee Engagement, A Review of Current Research and Its Implications”

Attract, retain and engage employees.

We can help you:

  • Remove barriers to employee engagement and implement an engagement process for your organization
  • Implement New Hire and skill development programs
  • Design and implement career development and mentorship programs using best practices in the industry
  • Build a community of learning within your organization