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Performance Gap Analysis

Training is not always the Solution! Let us help you ensure that your training has impact!

Factors that have an impact on job performance

In any organization, there are eight factors that have an impact on job performance, which can create a gap between the actual and required performance.

These factors include:

  • Skills and Knowledge – ability of employees to perform tasks based on what they know and can do
  • Capacity – ability to learn or aptitude of employee
  • Attitude – way employee thinks or feels
  • Standards – established level of proficiency or requirements that must be met in performance on the job
  • Measurement – factors used to rate performance
  • Feedback – process of providing information back to employees about correctness or effectiveness in order to affect improvement
  • Conditions – surroundings, circumstances or situations in which an activity is performed on the job
  • Incentive/Motivation – recognition/rewards instituted to encourage employees to perform well