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Platform Transformation

Inform – Engage – Achieve Proficiency

A critical piece of any platform transformation or system implementation is the change management and user training that takes place before you start to use your new system. No matter how amazing your new system or application is, you will not see the benefits from your implementation until your end users embrace the change and use the new systems and processes effectively.

When employees are being introduced to a new platform or system, they need to:

  • Accept the change – The more end-users know about what is changing, why and how it will affect them throughout the platform transformation process, the quicker and more positive their acceptance will be.
  • Achieve proficiency – Employees need to learn new knowledge and skills, new business processes, how to use new tools and complete new tasks. And, all this needs to be done shortly before implementation to ensure maximum learning retention for system roll-out.

OLIVUS can help you implement a solution to engage, inform and develop user competency, including:

  • A change management communication plan to engage and inform all stakeholders – leadership team, management teams, champions and end-users.
  • A blended training solution to develop competency that includes e-Learning, job aids/ quick references, hands-on training and on-the-job coaching, as needed
  • A system roll-out strategy to optimize performance and ensure a successful roll-out including performance support, team coaches, helpdesk support, self service job aids and quick references.

Customer Care and Billing Platform Transformation - Bell Sympatico

Resources designed, developed and delivered a blended training program in both official languages that included:

  • One and a half hours of Web-based Training
  • Three days of instructor-led training
  • Performance-based job aids and quick references
  • On-the-job coaching
  • Change Management Communication strategy

"In my capacity as Business Team Lead, I worked with Geoffrey Grey, Rudy Camelin and June Finless in the development and delivery of the Customer Care and Billing System Platform transformation Training Program at Bell Sympatico ISP. I must state that I was very impressed with the quality, timelines and professionalism of the services provided by this team…"
Senior Project Manager