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Virtual Classroom / Distance Learning

Selecting virtual classroom training as the training delivery method provides learners with a group-training environment without involving travel to a physical classroom. With virtual classrooms, learners receive the same training at the same time using a web-based meeting application and conference phone connection. This type of web-based training is generally delivered by an instructor from a distance and can include interactions with both the instructor and other learners.


  • Organizations lower travel costs
  • Interaction with instructor and fellow learners promotes group learning and accountability
  • Instructor can modify delivery to specific audience needs
  • Instructor can immediately answer questions, provide clarification and feedback as needed
  • Interactive, effective and engaging for various learning styles

Virtual classroom training is typically selected when:

  • The audience is geographically dispersed
  • Delivery timelines are short
  • Information needs to be transferred quickly
  • There are ongoing updates, additions or changes that need to be communicated
  • Resources are limited (time, travel, facility, equipment, instructors)
  • Computer, high-speed Internet access and web meeting application is available to the learners