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Blended Training

Selecting blended training solutions as the method of training delivery allows learners to use a combination of web-based training (WBT), classroom training and performance support tools or job aids to most effectively meet both the learning need and the business need.

For example, a new sales account manager could:

  • Complete self-paced web-based modules to learn about products or services
  • Use Product Summary Quick References that describe the selling features, benefits and value propositions for the products or services
  • Participate in a culminating sales workshop to practice the skills needed to “sell” these products or services

By using a blended training approach, organizations can shorten training timelines, improve learning effectiveness and reduce costs.


  • Convenient, flexible and responsive to the needs of both the learner and the organization
  • Interactive, effective and engaging for various learning styles
  • Cost-effective
  • Provides an effective, innovative and measurable training experience
  • Provides opportunity to test understanding, knowledge and skills and provide feedback to enhance learning
  • Saves time and money

Blended training solutions are typically selected when:

  • The Organization wants to reduce face-to-face classroom training time requirements
  • Learners and/or organizations want to minimize time off the job for training
  • Resources are limited for classroom training (time, travel, facility, equipment, instructors)